Solo Show in 2 Weeks!! Aaah!!

Wow! That happened fast!! I'm thrilled to announce that I will be having a solo show of my Bohemian Goddesses on Friday March 2nd at an art and music space called Ong King here in Honolulu. Yaaay!!

So because of there is a lot more to curating a successful show than meets the eye, I have decided to do a series here and on my YouTube channel about how to throw an art show on a budget ('cause you know that's what I'll be doing anyway! Ha!) 

flyer front.jpg
flyer back.jpg

Here's the plan, though things may change...

  1. Creating flyers (as you can see above that one is done so I'll have a video of my process this Wednesday. [UPDATE: Watch it here!])
  2. Making simple, yet sophisticated, frames
  3. Setting up the venue
  4. The Big Night!

So enjoy the series! I'm looking forward to continuing to make it! 

Also, if your curious about some of the struggles of finding an exciting contemporary art venue here in Honolulu, sign up for my monthly Birds of a Feather letter here where I talk a bit more openly and honestly about taking the good with the bad when it comes to being a working artist. 


originally published February 18, 2018