fine art mentoring

Do you ever get stumped by the current work on your easel?

Do you ever wish you had a fellow small biz artist to ask advice from or bounce ideas off of?


Well now you get direct access to Birdie’s Brain and she loves to talk art!

Show me your latest unfinished painting and we’ll improve it! Let’s ponder that new conceptual direction you’ve been wanting to go in! How about figuring out how best to use your small biz time to grow your following? Or we can simply bounce a bunch of ideas around to help jostle you from that annoying inspo block that’s been slowing you down.

fine art business consultant

30/60 Minute Face-to-Face Sessions

We can chat about whatever artsy issues, upcoming challenges, or even events that you need some extra insight on. It’s totally up to you!

We’ll meet up through Google Hangouts or Skype where we can really connect and conquer obstacles in a very meaningful way either in one big brainstorming session or ongoing meetings.

portfolio feedback

Portfolio / Thesis Feedback

It’s time to present your art to the world… How nerve-wracking!

Fret no more because I have been writing about and presenting cohesive bodies of work for years. Let’s take apart your portfolio or thesis piece by piece and really get at the heart of what you’d like to portray. Let’s make sure that your voice is clear and your art looks its absolute best. I want you to be proud of your hard work!


How am I qualified to help you?

I have been studying fine art realism in advanced classroom settings since I was 11 years old (no joke!). I have completed both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Studio Art (specifically figurative realism in oil with an art history minor both times) and have learned advanced techniques in ateliers in France and Italy. I’ve been showing my art publicly for over 10 years, have been blogging and creating YouTube tutorials for about 2 years, and have even spent a few years teaching art to all ages when I used to live on the mainland. Creating and sharing art is my entire life and I am confident that the many lessons I’ve spent years learning can be passed to you in fun and enthusiastic ways.

Let’s get started!