Studio Escalier in Argenton Chateau, France

As I am about to begin the sixth and final week of this heavenly program nestled in the French countryside, I can't help but look back fondly on the previous five weeks and be amazed at how quickly they have gone by. My fellow art students, the ambiance of this picturesque, stone walled town with its abundant fruit growing on countless trees, and, of course, the traditional atelier classes held in the converted attic of a 250+ year old home have all contributed to a dreamlike experience I will never forget. Timothy Stotz and his wife, Michelle Tully, are the most knowledgeable, patient, and supremely skilled teachers one could ask for, and are the cherry on top of this magically crafted, old-world-esque, studio art workshop program. The camaraderie and encouragement of the other students, as well as our delectable weekly potluck dinners, have made me feel more comfortable and welcome than I could have ever expected, especially being so far from home.

On top of this serendipitous atmosphere, I have learned a great amount regarding figure painting from life. Tim and Michelle have taught me so much about mixing skin tones and really rounding and forming the figure in a true and fantastic way. I am more confident regarding how to portray light and atmosphere using hue, value, and chroma than ever before and can't wait to apply this new knowledge to my own works back home. Their artworks stand as a huge influence and inspiration, and having them give their weekly demonstrations and lectures has been incredibly helpful and insightful. 


originally posted: October 8, 2015