‘Pinch me’…. I must be dreaming…

Somewhere between the earth and sky there lies a place of light that can only be reached at the edge of the subconscious.

‘Pinch Me’ dares to wake from this ethereal space, with the hope that once one’s hand touches this light it will forever be able to return. Being that it’s less a physical place, and more a state of mind, coming back should be as vivid and bright as a lucid dream.

Be careful what ones wishes for though, suspended within the acrylic resin layers in between the multi-layered bulbs reside two less-than-friendly real mummified wasps who would gladly give this subject the desired jolt awake.

Take the 3D tour:

oil on Belgian linen panel with mixed media in acrylic resin; framed

9 x 8 inches


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