This creation of this work was especially exciting for me, not only because of using new mixed media techniques including aerosol as well as gold leaf along with the oil paint, but because I was trying to capture such an unusual perspective in this work using the technique perfected by many Masters who have come before me - trompe l'oeil (which means 'to fool the eye'). Notice how Sage's ear and upper shoulder area are much more crisp and clear than her lower back and hip area? Just like how the human eye focuses closer objects but blurs objects that are farther away, I tried to portray that optical illusion within this painting. 

And about the name... 'Sage' is actually the name of my friend and model featured in this piece, but I felt like her name fit the mood so well that I kept it for the title too. The word sage means one who is wise from reflection and experience and often refers to a person who uses good judgement and has a calming effect on those around them. I find this piece to be very calming and to appear that Sage is looking down from on high in a reflective and peaceful way free from harsh judgement. 

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oil on Belgian linen panel with mixed media in acrylic resin; framed

9 x 16 inches


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