The sun, the Moon, and the Heartbeat in between


'The Sun, the Moon, and the Heartbeat In Between’ takes up a space somewhere in between real and imaginary… sleepiness and wakefulness… lightness and darkness…

Straddling the warmth of the sun and the cool of the moon in a deep state of bliss actually describes my close friend Emsy in a perfectly poetic way. She is the meditator and the adventurer, the muse and the artist, the old soul and the young spirit, the calm and the excitement.

Using the acrylic resin allowed me to bring the found Luna Moth and the doily held with her elevated left hand into the third dimension. not to mention the shining night sky magically illuminated by the sun’s rays.

Take the 3D tour:

oil on Belgian linen panel with mixed media in acrylic resin; framed

12 x 15 inches


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