‘Shapeshifter’ was a quite unplanned work. As I was riding my bicycle home from my favorite local coffee shop here on O’ahu I reached the one place that was too steep for my abilities so I hopped off my bike for the three minute walk til I could ride again and lo and behold this brilliant flower was laying at the top of a yard waste pile. The thought of this gorgeous specimen going to the incinerator while still so full of bright beauty was too sad so I happily toted her home.

In a matter of hours the long shadowy tendrils of sunset started creeping through my studio sending exotic dashes across the far wall from this yellow heliconia which I knew instantly I had to capture. Considering I was the only one in my studio that afternoon, I determined the self-portrait time was nigh and got right to work assembling my tripod.

This piece has developed in a very fun, experimental and organic way and was one of the first to feature multiple painted layers within the acrylic resin, as well as sea glass, snail shells, and sparkles.

Take the 3D tour:

oil on Belgian linen panel with mixed media in acrylic resin; framed

15 x 16 inches


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Watch this painting come to life: