This model is one of my closest friends from back east, Kayla. We have known each other for over 10 years and even though sometimes we have distance between us we always stay close and visit when we can. We’ve always had a very special relationship and for some reason began using the name ‘Flower’ when addressing one another- like our own special matching nicknames just for each other, so of course that’s what this painting needed to be called.

Because we use that special nickname for each other, I wanted us to have twinning flowers so I guilded these Calla Lilies, which are the symbol for feminine strength and purity, to match the ones I have tattooed on my thigh. The dried plantlife is from my visit to the PNW and so far this is my largest 3D painting to date.

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oil on Belgian linen on wood panel with mixed media in acrylic resin; framed

15 x 18 inches


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