In the Beginning…


Relaxing on the small lanai at my tiny house studio bungalow is a luxury I don’t indulge in nearly enough. Between the million ideas begging to be freed on my easel and the go-go-go routine of any small business owner I often forget to take in the quiet and lush beauty lazily swaying in the breeze just outside.

Of course practically every time I step outside of my studio I am filled with new waves of inspiration so this introspective day with my feet perched up on the rail was no different.

Within the acrylic resin layers of ‘In the Beginning…’ are various levels of palm leaves and gold accents that hopefully guide my viewer into a space where the separation between lightness and darkness has never been more pure.

Take the 3D tour:

oil on Belgian linen panel with mixed media in acrylic resin; framed

4.5 x 12 inches


Watch this painting come to life: