Kickstarter Campaign

So I’m getting to the point in my artistic career that I should begin writing and sharing more openly with my supporters. I have received an abundance of encouragement from so many friends throughout the years as well as folks who have discovered my art in various ways. I am always so grateful for anyone who takes the time to appreciate my work and reach out to me because of it. I love the idea of artists having open communication with their supporters rather than them being this far-off entity that can’t be bothered. I also look forward to doing more portrait commissions and other personal works for people in the future. The idea of someone trusting me and my abilities to help fulfill their own dream is very appealing to me. Now I’m sure that this being my first post and all, probably only five people will ever read it, but it’s good to set goals for what you want out of life early on, and then work towards them.

          I just started a Kickstarter page the other day to help me get to France for this amazing figure drawing and painting workshop I was accepted to, and it is really teaching me to become more comfortable reaching out to my community. I have always been slightly timid when asking for help as well as shy about marketing my art, so to combine those two things by reaching out directly to my friends and other supporters within a time crunch is a big step for me in the direction of gaining the confidence to run my own business. I’m excited to finally get better at putting myself and my work out there.

 Anyhoo, hopefully this is the start of a beautiful relationship between an artist and her supporters. Feel free to email me any time with comments or questions. And if you have a minute, please check out all the fabulous art rewards on my Kickstarter page! Thanks for reading!

Some of my Kickstarter rewards

Me with a large scale charcoal drawing at my Thesis reception


originally posted: May 9, 2015