Oil Paint Review :: M. Graham & Co

Hi fellow painters! I'm really excited to share with you my very first product review. I found myself in my fave local art store recently impulse buying a few tubes of paint when I realized I was scoring some great pigment that I had really enjoyed before. I don't always have the funds to be super picky or brand-loyal, but when I got home I looked through my paint stash and sure enough there were 3-4 other tubes of M. Graham that I didn't even register as already having.

Today I am psyched to share my findings when comparing M. Graham's oil paints to two other brands that I generally like. I'll show the thickness, smoothness, and concentration of this oil paint through a few simple tests that you can try at home with any new paint scores you run across as well. 

Spoiler Alert: I LOVE these paints! 

Have you ever used M. Graham before? What kind of oil paints are your fave?


originally published September 19, 2017