Seana’s Secret


This is a collaboration between myself and another artist, Seana McCarthy @theillustratr, a photographer from New Hampshire, whom, through Instagram, I have been recently begun sharing a mutual artistic adoration and friendship with. She does a lot of self portraits which have the same up close and personal, yet quiet and serene, vibe that my subjects exhibit as well.

We first interacted when Seana reached out to me about one of my works that touched her which in turn made me feel connected enough to ask her if she would like to make some art together. We were both so excited to find a new sister artist and she happily agreed to create a special set of photos for me to paint from.

This work has been transformational for both of us as Seana has shared with me some the personal challenges being highlighted as a person of beauty as helped her overcome. Conversely, I have been able to delve farther into creating the small-world 3D environments of my dreams by blending Seana’s mystical presence with these incredible shiny disk and scepter-like dried plants I found on a trip to the PNW, along with a beeswax candle I made myself!

Take the 3D tour:

oil on Belgian linen on wood panel with mixed media in acrylic resin; framed

12 x 9 inches


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