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Happy As We Know It Blog [1-29-2018] "...the joy and love that exudes from this portrait just makes this mama heart all a flutter......."  (read more)


Danae Reid YouTube [12-2-17] I am beside myself with gratitude for the video that Danae Reid made about receiving her portrait in the mail. She gets so excited and is so appreciative .... (read more)


Macke Monologues Blog [11-27-2017] "Everything I had hoped the portrait would be, it was. And more. The details of Marcus' eyelashes, the wisps of Julia's hair, the tenderness of one very fleeting moment " (read more)


Miranda Southern Blog [11-10-2017] "Caleigh did an amazing job in capturing the beauty, the love, the grief, and the hope in this photo.  She was able to take an image that reminded me of such a hard time in our life and turn it into a beautiful memory of my son and I...."  (read more)

portrait of a little girl holding baby sister

The Curious Hippy Blog [11-5-2017] " Her artistry is incredible and she perfectly captured the girls and their love for one another. I am truly impressed... "  (read more)


Charlie Takes Phoenix blog [10-27-2017] "I’ve been working closely with Caleigh for a few weeks now; we’ve been exchanging pictures and emails, trying to choose a photo  that really captured little miss Charlie and just how silly and fun she is. If you’re wondering what...." (read more)


Honestly Mommy Blog [8-14-2017] "I am so grateful to recently have partnered up with Caleigh Bird, [because she] froze a small moment in time capturing my sweet babies in an act of sibling love......"   (read more)


No Model Lady Blog [4-24-2017] "Just a quick post to share an amazing artist with you.  It was such a treat for me to work with Caleigh Bird, who is not only incredibly talented, but also professional and courteous. She creates custom pieces....."  (read more)