When I discovered her through social media, I became so enamored with the centered and assured attitude 'Pauliie' exudes that I had to capture it in this portrait. She is an ever growing NYC presence getting noticed for her fabulously put-together threads and unique look. Her collection of modeling pics and street fashion, which can be found at @pauliieleestash, is totally unconventional and sincerely refreshing.

[Photo reference used by permission from @erinpatriceobrien]

oil on Belgian linen mounted on birch panel

12x12 inches  (30.5x30.5 cm)


**Please note: Until the end of June 2017 this painting is being shown at the Art at the Center Exhibit in Overland Park, Kansas. 

This oil painting on Belgian linen comes mounted, instead of wrapped, on a high quality 3/4 inch wide solid birch panel. The smooth wood sides are painted midnight black and the piece arrives outfitted with proper hardware and is ready to hang, or ready to frame, as you see fit.