Happy HAwai’i Greeting Cards

happy hawaii greeting cards

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Hawai’i truly is paradise on earth…

On a visit to the islands you will experience the lushest green and blue landscapes, the most perfect temperature all year long, and the happiest sea life you can imagine! It’s no wonder that everyone enjoys taking a little piece of Aloha home with them to savor the warm memories.

These Happy Hawai’i Greeting Card sets are the perfect way to spread the Aloha spirit as a birthday or holiday gift to someone who holds da ‘aina (the islands) deep in their heart, or one-by-one to send a little tropical love to your favorite friends and family.

happy hawaii greeting cards

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Each Set Includes:

  • 8 different high quality artwork reproduction greeting cards featuring each Happy Hawai’i Scene; 4x5.5 inches (blank inside with description of scene/animal on back in English and Hawai’ian)

  • 8 tropical colored envelopes (2 each of 4 colors)

  • A list of expressions with their Hawai’ian translations so you can write your own Hawai’ian greeting! (ex. Happy Birthday, Thank You, I Love You….)

  • Packaging is made of cellulose and natural plant fibers and is completely biodegradable