handmade sketchbooks


Where will your next sketches go?

Do you have a beautifully crafted hardback sketchbook made with high quality frame-able paper that you feel destined to create masterpieces on each time you pull out?

…Or will your next drawings go on thin, basic, unrefined paper bound in a nondescript black (or even cardboard - yikes!) generic art store sketchbook?

Love yourself as an artist by treating your artwork to a beautiful place to be born!

I lovingly craft my own sketchbooks utilizing my very favorite toned paper a few times a year. Almost every time I pull one out during my regular live figure drawing sessions I have folks asking where I got it so I now make these unique sketchbooks available to other artists whenever I’m making more for myself.

Release happening now! Reserve your handmade sketchbook [here] by Saturday May 4!

*Your choice of toned paper or natural white paper + exclusive cloth cover options with each release

Check out my drawings here:

See how I make these sketchbooks here