Bohemian Goddesses - Artist Statement 

In my ‘Bohemian Goddesses’ series I am exploring women whose beauty transcends the (crumbling) traditional American ideal standards of perfection. Namely, unique and exquisite women who are not primarily of Anglican descent. Women who may have been marginalized in the past, but today are finding their own powerful voices and loyal audiences and are helping to create a more balanced, in tune, and accepting future. 

Growing up and attending art school in the Southeastern US, all of my art professors, live models, and almost every artist we studied, were of Eastern European descent. Even when studying art abroad throughout France and Italy my experience was no different. Although I enjoyed my time in Europe immensely and reveled in the priceless and near perfect paintings and sculptures at many of the world’s most renowned museums, I couldn’t help but notice that because of years and years of systematic oppression, beautiful culturally and colorfully diverse faces are practically nowhere to be found among the great art collections of the Western world. 

Still to this day this separation occurs in contemporary art, through no specific intention I assume, but as a continuation of the subconscious, yet perpetual, marginalization of our melanin rich and ethnically diverse sisters and brothers here in the US.  I believe that the modern art scene in general, from its exhibiting artists to its muses, should be ever more representational of all the unique citizens of this earth. Lovingly painting these stunningly gorgeous faces as well as sharing a little bit about the actual women behind the portraits is one small way that I can help to spread a worldwide message of appreciation and admiration for one another. 

Along with craving more diversity in the fine art world, I have become incredibly inspired ever since my move to Hawai’i in 2015. For the first time in my life I am living in a community that is not predominantly Caucasian, which at first felt foreign and exotic, but now just feels like home. O’ahu is an incredible melting pot with people of every culture and heritage from around the globe, which, combined with the vivid and indescribably rich palette of the natural island, has my artistic heart soaring.  

The final piece of the puzzle came into play as a result of being invited into the personal lives of many different women all over the world via social media and becoming so impressed by so much beauty that was unlike the beauty I was used to experiencing. I felt compelled to celebrate and embrace these powerful living goddesses in a truly magical way.

It is my wish that viewers of this collection will be left with the impression of deep respect and admiration that I hold for my muses, as well as for all of our sisters and brothers who are growing and blossoming and creating and thriving and transforming our world into a better and more enriching place. 

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