'Anastasia' is an incredible Malaysian fashionista and makeup artist. I love that she wears her turban and hijab just like other women wear their hair - sometimes up in a bun, or flowing long, or loosely tied, and she even changes up where her 'part' would be. Anastasia is constantly trying new looks and hues on herself, and also does fabulously at styling her lovely friends as well. You can see plenty of Anastasia's unique makeup artistry and bold yet modest fashions on her Instagram @its.annekyn

oil on linen mounted on birch panel

12 x 16 inches


This oil painting on Belgian linen comes mounted, instead of wrapped, on a high quality 3/4 inch wide solid birch panel. The smooth wood sides are painted midnight black and the piece arrives outfitted with proper hardware and is ready to hang, or ready to frame, as you see fit.